Scheme Documentation

  • FPS Scheme Rules
  • Bank Reference Data for FPS Functional Specification (PN7723) Under NDA
  • Bank Reference Data - Participant's Guide (PN5005) Under NDA
  • Deed of Charge Under NDA
  • External Interface Specification Under NDA
  • Faster Payments Participant, Agency and Scheme Guide (IPL00115) Under NDA
  • FPS Customer Reference Data Functional Specification (IPL00471) Under NDA
  • FPS EISCD Technical Specification (PN7677) Under NDA
  • FPS Procedures Under NDA
  • FPS Reference data manual - Participant and scheme agency guide (IPL00114) Under NDA
  • FPS Security Policy Under NDA
  • Functional Specification Under NDA
  • Industry Sorting Code Directory Procedures Under NDA
  • Participation Agreement 
  • Security Code of Conduct Under NDA
  • FPS New Participation Applicant Information Sheet – Assurance requirements 
  • Settlement Service Provider Agreement Under NDA
  • Validating account numbers UK modulus checking (PN6111) Under NDA
  • Articles of Association Updated 27/04/2015

The documents marked ‘NDA’ require a prospective participant to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with the Company before being provided access to the documents via our central repository. This is required to protect the security and intellectual property of the Faster Payments Scheme.


For the latest version of the FPSL NDA, please click here.