Access to Payments

Access to Payments is a programme of work undertaken by the Faster Payments Scheme, to provide information on the access options available to join Faster Payments either directly or indirectly. Information about the types of participation, access options, settlement requirements can be found through the links in the menu bar on this page.

The Faster Payments Scheme has the following objectives:

  • “To drive a consistent and trusted experience for end customers across all directly and indirectly connected Payment Service Providers (PSPs) using the Faster Payments Service.”
    We believe our objective is consistent with a key Payments Systems Regulator (PSR) objective, which has been set down as:      
  • “To review access to UK payment systems holistically, i.e. by referring to ‘Access’ as the ability of ALL payment service providers to use the services provided by payment systems to enable the transfer of funds.”

Find out more about Faster Payments Vision for a New Access Model.

Find out more about the economic analysis for FinTech vendors and PSPs of the New Access Model.



An Introduction to the UK's Interbank Payment Schemes

Developed collaboratively by the UK's interbank Payments System Operators - Bacs Payment Schemes Limited (Bacs), CHAPS, Cheque and Credit Clearing Company, Faster Payments and LINK.

This guide provides an overview of the UK's payment schemes, what each one offers, and how they can be accessed. It is intended for use by Payments Service Providers (PSPs) that are considering joining, or thinking of extending more payments services to their customers. 

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