Sort Code Checker

Faster Payments enables banks to process phone, internet and standing order within a few hours.

If your bank or building society has confirmed that it is offering you the Faster Payments Service and you want to make a payment this way, you can check whether the account you are sending money to is able to receive a Faster Payment by checking the sort code here:

Type the sort code below:

Even if the sort code of the account you are checking is able to receive Faster Payments, you should remember these other top tips before making your payment:

  • check that you are able to send a Faster Payment from your account;
  • check that the payment you are making is within the value limit set by your bank;
  • if you want to pay a bill, you should check the timescales on the back of the bill to ensure your payment is made on time;
  • if you are making an important payment, which is time critical, we recommend that you speak to your bank first to confirm the services on offer to you; and
  • always double check the account number and sort code, as once you have made a Faster Payment it can’t be cancelled.