Board of Directors

Nick Caplan
Chief Executive, Executive Director, FPSL
Tanya Castell MBE
Independent Non-Executive Director

Chair of Audit & Finance Committee
Duncan Ingram
Independent Non-Executive Director and
Chair of Risk Committee
Craig Tillotson
Chief Executive, Executive Director, FPSL
Faster Payments Scheme Ltd
Paul Scott
Participant nominated Non-Executive Director
Barclays Bank PLC
Melanie Martin 
Participant nominated Non-Executive Director
Citibank N.A.
Jim Pettigrew
Participant nominated Non-Executive Director
Clydesdale Bank PLC
Mike Smith
Participant nominated Non-Executive Director
Raphaels & Sons
Helen White
Participant nominated Non-Executive Director
Northern Bank
Tony Richter
Participant nominated Non-Executive Director
Mark Curran
Participant nominated Non-Executive Director
Lloyds Bank
John Hutton
Participant nominated Non-Executive Director
Nationwide Building Society
Robert White
Participant nominated Non-Executive Director
Santander UK PLC
Martin Wilson
Participant nominated Non-Executive Director
The Royal Bank of Scotland Group
Becky Clements
Head of Industry Engagement and Payment Change
Metro Bank


FPSL Directors Interest Register

Register of Interests as at 2nd December 2016

Participant-Nominated Directors are nominated by a Participant bank but act in a personal capacity.  At Board meetings they must comply with the Companies Act and act in the best interests of the Company, exercising independent judgement.

In appointing Independent Directors to the board of FPSL, the position is advertised on our web site, and Regent Selection, Maloney Search, and Saxton Bampfylde are approached, which are agencies that specialise in executive searches. These agencies are all wholly independent of FPSL and none have any relationship with any director of FPSL, including the chairman. 

The shortlisted candidates are considered by the FPSL Appointments Committee which comprises of the remaining non-executive Independent Directors and the Chief Executive of FPSL. 

Director criteria, against which potential candidates are measured, is available on our web site, and this is analysed and discussed by the Appointments Committee. In respect of successful candidates, the remuneration offered is benchmarked internally and externally to ensure that it is competitive and appropriate for the market.

Once an appointment is made, the Appointments Committee advises the FPSL board of its decision. 
All of our director appointments are personal, the individual appointed is the officer that accepts and takes responsibility for the role; FPSL does not have corporate directors. All directors of FPSL, independent or otherwise, are charged with managing FPSL in a manner which promotes the success of the company as whole, for the long term and, in accordance with the statement of purpose set out in our Articles of Association, contributing to the financial stability of the UK. 

The following documents are available for information in respect of the directorship of the company:  

Form of Independent Chairman Appointment Letter 

Form of Independent Director Appointment Letter