Key Highlights

Direct Agency

Listed below are a number of Key Highlights associated with joining the Faster Payments Scheme as a Direct Agency.

  • Should Full Direct Membership not be achievable (i.e. you are not eligible to hold an account at the Bank of England for instance) then the Direct Agency is an alternative model to connect directly to the Faster Payments Central Infrastructure (FPS CI)
  • A prospective Direct Agency must join via a Member Sponsor offering Direct Agency services who will perform Bank of England settlement on behalf of the Direct Agency as well as in-flight payment authorisation
  • Payments submitted by Direct Agencies into the FPS CI typically receive a response within seconds
  • A Direct Agency must comply with FPS scheme rules, assurance and attestation requirements in conjunction with its Direct Agency Sponsor Participant
  • Please follow this link for details of the current Direct Participants who may be able to assist with sponsored services (please note that certain services offered may differ from Participant to Participant)