Payment Flow Schematic

The schematic below illustrates the payment routing of a typical Faster Payment that has been originated by Direct Agency A’s customer to Direct Participant B’s beneficiary as well as the authorisation message flows in/out from the Direct Agency Sponsor Participant.

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  1. Customer of Direct Agency A initiates a Faster Payment Instruction to credit Customer of Direct Participant B
  2. Direct Agency A  sends Faster Payment Message directly to FP Central Infastructure
  3. Direct Agency Sponsor Participant receives request from FP Central Infastructure to Authorise/Reject Payment Request
  4. If Authorised FP Central Infastructure continues to process payment request with onward transmission to Direct Participant
  5. If acknowledged, Direct Participant B credits its customers account accordingly (normally real-time or up to 2 hours subject to relevant fraud checks)
  6. Direct Agency A advises payment fate to its customer (whether its been acknowledged or rejected by Direct Participant B)