Direct Corporate Access (DCA)

Direct Corporate Access (DCA) to Faster Payments allows corporates to submit files of payments that are processed by the Faster Payments Service. DCA payments can be submitted either directly by a corporate or by a bureau on behalf of a corporate. Corporates and bureaux wanting to use the service must be a service user with an FPS licence. The registration is performed by an FPS institution that is already a Direct Member or Direct Agency.

The institution is the sponsor of the service user. Submission for DCA is over the Secure-IP service and to use Secure-IP, a service user that submits directly (corporate or bureau) requires Secure-IP software that has been approved by Bacs for use with Secure-IP. This software must also be linked to the service user in reference data. The service user is required to test the software by completing a ‘qualification plan’ before they can start making live submissions.

Please find detailed below the DCA process flow for a Corporate using the service through its sponsoring Direct Member/Agency:



  1. Corporate Submitter creates Bacs Standard 18 formatted Faster Payments credit file for submission to DCA Module
  2. DCA Module converts file into ISO8583 formatted payments for onward submission to FP Central Infrastructure
  3. FP Central Infrastructure sends authorisation request to DCA Sponsor Participant for authorisation
  4. If Authorised FP Central Infrastructure continues to process payment request with onward transmission to Faster Payments Recipient Participant
  5. If acknowledged, Faster Payments Recipient Participant credits its customers account accordingly (normally real-time or up to 2 hours subject to relevant fraud checks)
  6. DCA Submitter receives input report to reconcile Faster Payments file submitted


For more information on Direct Corporate Access, please either use the contacts tab on the navigation bar or contact your Faster Payments Scheme contact directly.