Key Highlights

Indirect Agency

Below is a high level summary of the key highlights when considering an Indirect Agency proposition. Please navigate the menu bar on the left for more information or click the contacts tab for a list of member banks who would be happy to discuss their Agency propositions with you in more detail.

  • Should direct connectivity to the Faster Payments Central Infrastructure not be preferential or commercially viable, you can alternatively connect via a Direct Member that offers an Indirect Agency proposition
  • An indirect agency model means you will hold a Nostro account with the sponsoring member who will perform both Faster Payment messaging and Bank of England settlement on your behalf
  • You will connect to the sponsoring member via a number of options that the sponsoring member supports for both sending and receiving of Faster Payments (e.g. SWIFT, proprietary channel, file transfer etc.). The nature of this connection will determine the level of service you will receive