Request for Pay - Introductory sessions

Find out more about Request to Pay and get involved in shaping the service. We will be running a number of sessions with interested parties who want to find out more about Request to Pay and how it can work for their organisation.

Request to Pay is one of the solutions being developed by the Payments Strategy Forum (PSF). The PSF has now completed the rules and requirements for the solution and is moving on to the next stage: implementing a service. Part of this is putting in place an early access and sandbox programme to involve a subset of adopters. As part of this process we are offering the opportunity for organisations to find out more and potentially express their interest to participate in the next stage of development.

To organise a meeting with us, please follow this link and fill out a brief email form.  The meetings will be open to all. Attendees can range from having no previous knowledge on the service, to those who are well aware and have had previous interaction with the Scheme.

The session will give attendees:

•    A chance to get an inside look at the work being done on the ground-breaking Request to Pay project - establishing what the service could mean for you and how to get involved.

•    An invitation to provide feedback from your sector or industry perspective.

•    Your opportunity to get involved as an early adopter of the service, integrating Request to Pay into day-to-day operations.

Once you have filled in the form, a member of the Request to Pay team will be in touch to organise a meeting. If you have any questions please contact us at here. You can find out more about Request to Pay here.