Service Users

Faster Payments’ engagement with Service Users underpins everything we do as an organisation, from day-to-day operations to driving innovation. Users’ views, needs and interests serve as our guide to ensure that we continue to deliver a safe and secure service, as well as develop innovative products and services for the greater good of Users and the UK economy.

We decided to formalise our approach to Service User engagement in 2016, developing our first dedicated User engagement strategy underpinned by four principles, featured below.

The strategy has seen Service Users’ input discussed at the beginning of every Faster Payments Board meeting, the appointment of a team of User Engagement Champions across every major Faster Payments project and business area, as well as the incorporation of Service Users’ views into our Business Initiatives – the projects key to our strategic objectives.

You can find out more about our engagement with Service Users in Putting principle into action - our first annual review of our engagement with the banks, businesses, consumers and charities that use the Faster Payments service. 

Get involved

Whether you are a Faster Payments’ participant, an end-user with

feedback on our services, or anyone else with an idea to make things better we would like to hear from you. Please get in touch at the details below:


Tel: 020 3217 8200


Faster Payments’ Service User engagement Principles

Principle One – Inclusion

We promise to give our service users the opportunity to influence our decision-making which affects them and their needs. Through our engagement activities, they will have the opportunity to share their views, participate in identifying long-term needs and interests and contribute their input to address issues.

Principle Two – Collaboration

We promise to educate ourselves and service users and we will investigate innovative ideas and solutions. We want to join hands with organisations and experts who wish to share and combine knowledge in delivering tangible ideas that will have enduring benefits for our users and we will make them freely available to all.

Principle Three – Responsiveness

We promise to document service users’ needs and interests and assess them internally. The outcome of these assessments will help inform the company’s decisions and actions as and when appropriate. We will then go back to our service users to inform them about the outcome of our assessment and will explain the rationale for our decisions.

Principle Four – Integration

We promise to integrate our service users’ needs and interests into our decision-making processes. Users’ views, needs and interests will serve as the Scheme’s guideline to ensure that FPSL continues to deliver a safe and secure service and develop innovative products and services for the greater good of our users. When looking at solutions, FPSL will avoid universal one-size fits all solutions. Instead, it will balance the needs of across all segments to create flexible options that will benefit a wide range of users.

FPSL will periodically review its processes and approach against this set of principles to guarantee that we continue to offer safe, fast and reliable services to all our Service Users.