How long do Faster Payments take?

Provided the sending and receiving bank/building society are Direct Participants of Faster Payments, payments are usually available almost immediately, although they can sometimes take up to two hours. 

These timescales can still apply if either the sending or receiving bank is not a Direct Participant of Faster Payments. 

Some payments will take longer, especially outside normal working hours. 

You should talk to your bank/building society if the speed of the payment is particularly important. 

As a minimum, all financial institutions in the UK must abide by the Payment Services Directive (PSD) -  this states that any payments made by mobile, internet or phone banking (including standing orders) must arrive by the end of the following business day at the latest. 

You should contact your bank or building society directly for more information on the exact process they follow when you request a payment to be made from your account.