Technical Aggregator, Solution Providers & Consultants

FPSL has introduced a cloud hosted test environment, supplied by Ascert, whereby vendors of aggregation services can prove their technical ability to interact with the Faster Payments Central Infrastructure (FPS CI). This has a number of benefits:

  • Participants may benefit from cheaper connectivity.
  • Participants can be reassured of an aggregator’s capability.
  • Through accreditation, a vendor is able to market its ability to connect.
  • The costly use of the central test environment can be minimised.

Anyone wishing to achieve FPS accreditation should first send an e-mail to, where we check whether prospective vendors have an NDA in place. Following this, we can then make FPS documentation available. Once this step is completed, the organisation should follow the process detailed in the Ascert Engagement Guide, and associated documentation referenced within, which can be found here.

Pay.UK Fee Structure - Technical Accreditation

A fee of £10,000 is payable to FPSL upon successful conclusion of the Technical Accreditation and prior to issuance of the Technical Accreditation Certificate. No additional fee is payable to FPSL for any subsequent test(s) undertaken against the Vendor/Aggregator’s same software version. For more information regarding the FPSL fee structure for Technical Accreditation, please click here.

Nine Fintech vendors have gained accreditation though the service: 

Company Name
Contact Name
Email Address
Phone number
ACI Worldwide Craig Ramsey +44(0)755 401 7286

John Ballantyne +44(0)7971 618916
Compass Plus

(GB) Limited
Darren Busby +44(0)7500 766617
CORVID PayGate Chris Turnbull +44(0)1462 482333
Fiserv Inc Jennie Farley +44(0)7548 704 701
FIS Andrew Hewitt +44(0)7423 469038
Form3 Ryan Jackson +44(0)7791 909236
Infraxis Dan Graf +44(0)7851 941787
PayPort Steve Clarke  +44(0)2038 182125


FPSL has been in dialogue with a number of potential aggregators, solution providers and consultants who are looking at introducing solutions for prospective participants to access Faster Payments. If you are interested in learning more about their solutions, please find listed below their contact details:


Company Name
Contact Name
Email Address
Phone number
Aevi Richard Hemming +44(0)7595 897840
Apply Financial Mark Bradbury +44(0)7802 514502
Ardilla Consulting  David Reeve +44(0)7956 882682
BPC Nigel Cox +44(0)1902 324689
CGI Sean Devaney +44(0)7921 932197
D+H Robert Browning +44(0)207 5881100
Experian Norman Taylor +44(0)1788 554800
Fiserv David Abbott +44(0)7834 729105
Icon Tom Kelleher +44(0)7778 035 057
Iliad Solutions Mike Wright +44(0)113 430004 
Lipis Advisors Leo Lipis +49 30 8892 2049
NCR Andy Brown +44(0)207 593 6438
Paygate Chris Turnbull -
Realex Andrew Yoakley +44(0)203 178 5370
SQS Marketing  +44(0)207 448 4620
WMG Consultants Joss Wilbraham +44(0)7976 269 628


Faster Payments Scheme Limited ('FPSL') is not responsible or liable for the companies above, the products or services they provide, nor the contacts suggested. FPSL does not endorse any commercial product or service mentioned or provided by any of these companies, nor are we suggesting that the companies listed above are the only providers of such services and/or products.